Five Best Wheels You Would Love To Own

Now, you just got your dream car and it happens to be the same with your neighbour’s and you plan to make your different in a much more stylish manner, you can’t wait to draw the envy of your neighbour or hear your friends declare how much yours is a better version. All you need to do is join the craze for customized accessories, but begin with one of the most conspicuous parts – the wheels; this will give your car an instant upgrade. The fact is that the automobile market is saturated with wheels of all sorts. First, you need to know the exact kind of wheel you are looking for – is it the painted wheel, chrome plated or the aluminium wheel? What make? And of what price range? Out of the thousands of wheel options, we’ve picked out a few best options, with these one you can never go wrong.

  1. HRE Vintage 505M Wheels – Somehow you’ve still got the knack for those old classic cars that are highly stylish. These expensive, durable wheels will give you a classy vintage style in modern sizes. It simply brings back the old to fit with the new in a more stylish manner.

  1. Volk Racing TE 37 Ultra-Wheels – the Japanese manufacturing company that makes the Volk Racing has had long years of experience and are known for making high quality wheels. If you need a very light weight set of wheels that can suit your sport-oriented vehicle and give you a grand performance then the Volk Racing is your surest bet. It comes in different colours such as matte lack and metallic red.

  1. BBS Super RS Wheels – If you are driving a German car then the compatibility with this wheel cannot be ignored. This wheel is built for sport racing and is renowned for its strength in the aftermarket world. It comes in different colours like black, gold and silver.

  1. Forgeline Motorsport DE3C concave wheels – These wheels are notorious for its compatibility with high-powered cars. If you own one of these superfast cars with over 1000 horsepower, you need no other wheel than the Forgeline Motorsport.

  1. BBS Super RS Wheel – This wheel is simply super like the name implies, with a complex outlook that would knock other wheels out of the game and is equally great for motorsport. These aftermarket titans are easily recognizable and come in various colours like black, silver and gold.


When it comes to technology there are infinite possibilities, endless options and variable configurations. Different wheel brands explore diverse perspectives in equipping their products with the most updated and indispensable features to make them stand out amongst other wheel brands to give them that edge which defines the brand and elevates its performance. These manipulations and optimizations occur in basic parts of the wheel structure such as the flange inside barrel, windows, lip outer, window groove, spoke insert, spoke faces and pinstripe. Each design is either Monoblack or Multi-piece.


Yes …. The avant garde are forged wheels utilizing the CVC machining process which ensures that every wheels set manufactured meets and exceeds expectation in strength and performances. Aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum is an element in wheel construction known for its remarkable strength. The metal is a main component in the engineering of these wheels to bring out that aggressiveness and ensure longevity.


Great importance is attached to the centre of a wheel and its level of concavity. This has great impact on balance, lip size and brake caliper. The level of concavity determines compatibility. Professional wheel brands such as the avant garde offers that customization, enabling a customer determine what level of concavity they require other compatible configuration and standard OEM brakes.


Every prototype is usually tested and scanned using X-ray devices which detect cracks, spaces and surface destiny variances: basically the smallest flaws in the product are picked up using this method. Another technique is the emersion of wheels in a water tank, under pressure in order to detect areas that are defective.
Avant garde applies top notch technology in the production of wheels and ensure each wheel is customer friendly; that is designing every wheel to suit customer needs.