A race car driver knows the importance of a good wheel. The stance and setting of wheels on a race car can very well determine the result of a race. A race car specialist would tell you that the power comes from the engine but the control and aggressiveness you need to win a race comes from the wheels. BC forged wheels are built for all terrain and amongst other designs the RZ39 is well known on the race tracks for its high performance and dynamics. The RZ39 is of the Monoblock series which are lighter and stronger than previous versions. This is due to the continuous development in wheel technology and a special CNC process which wheels are subjected to during manufacturing, this process is known as forging.

The BC wheel brand is always making major improvements to designs and engineering processes with quality materials. Safety is a priority as each product goes through numerous tests and terrain simulations to imitate road situations and crash tests in order to further analyze the dynamic capabilities of each new product keeping in mind the various possibilities of road racing. These tests help to take precautions and if necessary rebuild or upgrade each wheel set to ensure safety and durability. The RZ39 comes in size 17 and can be customized to suit customer needs.

Anti-slip knurling is an added feature that helps to increase traction between the tires and rim. The RZ-39 has weight of about 19.8lbs with aggressive styling. It is available in various colors and finishes to match your automobile. Finishes include brushed, crystal, sapphire, royal, matte, and gloss. The BC brand of wheels, having built a reputation for designing off-road and on track wheels are highly dependable and always delivers the best.

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